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right on awesome

the only problem i found was the egg with the jet carrot loops over and over and doesn't return to the movie. but it was great until then and i'm to drunk to watch the whole thing again right now

hell yeah

ok so no i have no flash yet but it was good yet basic, but under the influence of LSD it was great even though I am not under the influence of acid i have a memory of the times and it would have been all 10's even in interactivity if I was.,

learn to spell

I'm really not trying to be a dick but this is a tribute and in the first subtitle you spell Isaac Hayes name Isaac Haynes man little things make a difference.Oh yeah don't worry by the way Chef is coming back in the new season.

fdigital responds:

I wish, but I think it would take a little longer before Isaac forgives them.

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great game

love this commenter below me. I'm to stoned to remember how long it took me but it is fun.


I love this shit or I mean it made me shit my shorts. At least 2 times that I remember. Merry X-mas coCK licker chaos. godzilla will win. i REAlly mean I love the tuna.


i am too fucked up to get past level 3 but weeds is such a great show that i will pass it for later. and now a message from me non backspaced to fix mistakes. do youy happen to know when weed sa is going to be on agfoain becauesew i miss aseein=g i ty seriously i am typinmg as i knormakllay would but i ikm not backsoprXING TO FIX MISTAKES SOI fuck caps loidck was on ok so anyway this review may nort nhelp you at all but iyt is wghat is is and ia mm typing as i would without backpspaqinfgh yabbba dabba doo.

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I dig it

real cool. I am really stoned and really grooving to it. Thank you easter bunny! bock bock.

Bad @$$

Damn this is great

I dig it.

Damn that would be great in a video game.

XxX-WOLF-XxX responds:

Thats what I said!!!! lol
Thanx for the review bro.


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